Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grilling Vegetables -- Asparagus!

You really should try grilling veggies along with your meaty main dish.  There is a lot of trial and error involved with getting each kind of vegetable just right.  I've been into grilled asparagus lately.  Asparagus is one of the best grilling veggies of all, in my opinion.  This time of year, you can find it at pretty reasonable prices, too.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This blog has really outdone itself with its latest post !

I don't see any kittens
Just a quick blog entry, readers ... I was looking at this blog pretty regularly because it talks about alot of outdoors stuff that The Bagger is into.  But when I got today's feed, I became a subscriber right away!  Check this out ...  MicroKitten isn't about miniature cats, let's just put it that way!    Order a micro bikini or g-string bikini for your significant other today -- tell her it's a way to beat the summer heat in Phoenix!  Doesn't offer much protection for the haboobs, though ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arizona Wedding Pastors Specialize in Knot Tying

I went to a backyard wedding up in Cave Creek not too long ago.  My buddy was getting married and I was acting as BBQ caterer for the wedding party. (Luckily it was a pretty small wedding.)  So he tells me that the pastor performing the ceremony was actually kind of a rent-a-pastor.
At first that seemed a little weird, but then I thought: You can hire a wedding planner, a wedding singer, and a wedding photographer, so why not a wedding pastor?  My better half looked into a little more because she was intrigued too. Turns out that for couples wanting real Arizona church weddings even though they aren’t currently attending a church regularly, a wedding pastor can be the answer. 
Of course, with so much great weather and so many awesome outdoor locations in Arizona, church weddings might not be what many couples really have in mind.  In reality, some Arizona pastors for hire will perform ceremonies at hotels, resorts, parks and private homes.  
My buddy and his girl were married by The Rev. Randy Williams.  He and his brother Rev. Robb Williams are both ordained pastors with their own churches, but they also run, who have officiated at many wedding ceremonies in the Valley of the Sun and around the state.  They can even work with Phoenix wedding planners to arrange your ceremony, whether it’s a traditional wedding or a more casual style Arizona wedding.   The Revs. Williams can be contacted at (623) 322-1899, or through the website I mentioned above.