Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chili Peppers Spice Up Arizona Cooking

Yeah, it's hot here … and that includes the cooking!  It can be Southwest cuisine or New Mexico, Tex-Mex, nouvelle Mexican, or whatever.  Out here in the desert, we like our peppers, let's just say that.  I try to grow mine if I can, which isn't easy here in the hot season.  Jalapenos or red peppers for eventual roasting on a low grill are good garden bets.   Don't worry about recipes.  I say experiment to your heart's content.  Try different meats topped with different peppers, chopped if necessary to spread over a slab of beef or chicken breast.  If you like the hot stuff like me, you really can't go wrong.  Eating your "failures" is still better than doing just about anything else (like yardwork).
Since I can't always grow good peppers, I've tasted around to find the best preserved ones.  I've settled on a brand called Giuliano's.  They're a specialty food manufacturer from California, a multigenerational business run by an Italian family, and they specialize in some of the spicier pickled vegetables and peppers.  The Giuliano Hot & Spicy Jalapeno spread is a particular favorite of mine.   Their roasted sweet peppers have become a staple, too.
If you can't find Giuliano's in a store where you live, you can order online!

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