Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pro BBQ Grill Cleaning and Repair Job Starts off BBQ Season Right

It's already past the Fourth -- the probable high point of grilling season -- and if you’re like me your outdoor grill has been flamin' like crazy.  Now, I think I do a pretty good job of grill cleaning. At least I'm not like some of my friends and neighbors whose barbecue units look as if their owners don’t believe in barbecue cleaning at all, ever. Well, earlier this spring, right before the semi-official start of summer, the Memorial Day weekend, I noticed that there was quite a bit of residue and gunk buildup despite my valiant efforts at cleanliness over the past season.
This year, I decided to call in a pro.  That's right.  Now, not many people even know that professional grill cleaning services exist.   In the Phoenix area, our beloved Valley of the Sun, outdoor entertaining is a way of life, and even here most people seemed surprised when I told them that I was calling in a BBQ cleaning service.  Even so, Arizona grill cleaning companies are probably more common than in many other of these United States because of our way of life and love of grilled ribeyes.  So I had a list of companies to choose from, but of course I wanted the best. (That's just the way The Bagger Dude is!)
To me, the Arizona barbecue cleaning company that clearly looked a cut above the others was BBQ Cleaning Guru.  And not just because of their awesome name and cool vans.  The “Guru” really did an amazing job of making my backyard grill look sparkling new, better than I could have ever done.  And that's saying something. Also, I found out that Guru also does excellent grill repair, and is a top seller and installer of Arizona grill parts.   I’m going to have a "consultation" with the Guru every spring before I fire up the ol' unit from now on!  I suggest that you dudes and dudettes do the same!

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